Coronavirus & Life Insurance

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Will My Life Insurance Pay Out For Coronavirus?

If a claim on a life insurance plan is made due to coronavirus whether it be life, critical illness or income protection. The claim will be assessed like any other insurance claim as insurers have not placed an exclusion for coronavirus, providing the claim meets the terms and conditions of the policy then a pay-out will be made. 

Does Having The Coronavirus Vaccine Affect My Application or Claim?

Providing that the vaccine is fully approved for use in the UK and not experimental, then it will not impact your application and any claims made will be assessed against normal terms and conditions. 

Does Having Coronvirus Stop Me From Being Able To Apply For Life Insurance?

Having coronavirus does not mean you cannot take out life insurance, most insurers will apply a deferment period (waiting time) since last symptoms which is usually one month. 
If you have had coronavirus and looking to set up life insurance please ensure you speak to an advisor who will be able to place you with the right provider.