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  • Here to find the right protection for you
  • Access to competitive products from leading providers
  • Provide both non-advised and advised services

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What we do and why……….

Simplicity is our priority. Our role is to help you to find the right protection for the right price at the right time and that’s it. 

At LIQ we have carefully selected market leading, flexible and price competitive providers from across the market that can deliver the most suitable products for our clients. We understand that there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ which is why we have selected a range of the biggest names as well as specialist Insurance companies in order to provide a balanced offering for everyone, whatever the situation.

We provide two levels of service:

1. Non-advised – If you know exactly what you’re looking for

The first option is designed to provide a quick and simple solution for those who know how much life protection they need and for how long, typically to protect a loan for example or maybe you require a fixed amount of cover over a fixed number of years and you’re looking for a simple policy at the lowest cost. 

This is known as a ‘non advised’ service. Basically, our website invites you to enter your basic details, receive a quote from a range of Insurance companies and apply directly through our website to secure a discounted premium for your cover, it’s as simple as that. If at any time during the process you have a question or you just want to chat about the cover you’re looking for, one of the team will be fully on hand to assist

If, due to recent medical history, further information is required before terms can be offered then one of our support team will call at your convenience, take a few more details and liaise directly with the life company in order to secure your cover for when you need it. 

2. Advice based - Looking for guidance to fully understand your options

The second option is our Advice-based service. The majority of our clients prefer this route as once we’ve arranged a convenient time to establish your objectives, we’ll talk you through the most appropriate options from the range of insurance providers from across the market, based on what you’ve told us. We’ll then explain the costs and the benefits of the policy and confirm why our recommendation is being made. It’s then over to you to consider and decide in your own time without the persistent ‘chase up’ calls! 

Protecting those you care about is not as complicated as you might think and at LIQ we want to show you why.